Free Isochronic Tones For Grounding (7.83Hz)

I’ve been playing around with creating isochronic tones for myself, and decided to share some.

They should be playable in the playlist player, and you should also be able to do the “save link as” thingy to save the .ogg files on your computer/device so you can play them in whatever player you prefer.

They are each 10 minutes long. I personally find that’s more than long enough because my ears tend to get tired of them after a while. A decent audio player should be able to loop each individual file infinitely if you tell it to. On linux, Qmmp and DeaDBeeF can do this just fine, I haven’t tested others.

All of these are 7.83Hz, for grounding. The other numbers are the frequencies of the Solfeggio Scale.

What do the frequencies mean?!

Here is a nice info page on all the frequencies.

7.83Hz is the “Earth Resonance”, aka “Schumann Resonance“, apparently the frequency the Earth normally vibrates at, so this is good for grounding yourself.

The Solfeggio Scale

These are the solfeggio frequencies I’ve used to create tones on this page. Here they are, along with what they mean:

  • 396 Hz – cleanses guilt and fear
  • 417 Hz – healing trauma, clearing destructive influences of past events
  • 528 Hz – miracles, transformations, DNA repair
  • 639 Hz – for relationships and reconnecting, balancing
  • 741 Hz – solving problems, self-expression
  • 852 Hz – awakening intuition, return to spiritual order
  • 963 Hz – return to Oneness, your true nature

More info here.

I don’t really understand how all this stuff works, but it definitely makes me feel things, and each frequency makes me feel different, so… play around, see what works for you! That’s what I’m doing. I might make more of these later, and am thinking of having an option where you can pay me something like $10 to have me create a custom isochronic tone for you. Leave a comment to let me know what you think of that idea!


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