Seen (a poem)

to have the courage to be seen
as the beautiful weirdo you are
first you have to see yourself

this can be hard in a culture where you are trained to see weirdness as not beautiful
something shameful, to be avoided
something to fear
those are all lies
weirdness is beautiful
technically, it isn’t even weird
that’s just what they call it, for now
because their idea of “normal” is so unnatural that they have to label everything that doesn’t fit into their tiny, silly boxes as “weird”
i want to reclaim the word ‘weird’ as a good thing

many won’t see you
they see through the filtered lenses of what they have been trained to see
they might mistake you for someone else, someone else who fits in a box
or they might stare in disbelief
as their brain struggles to find a tiny box that it can fit you in

you might feel invisible, undercover
like hiding in plain sight, but not on purpose
many people may be unable to ever really see you
to fully comprehend your beautiful weirdness requires brain functions they may simply not have

but there are those who will see you as you truly are
who are able to appreciate your beautiful weirdness
i see you, beautiful weirdo
your presence makes this crazy world a better place
keep on being you <3

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